Gwendolyn Astrope

Obituary of Gwendolyn Astrope

What can we say about a lady like our Mom. Born in 1931 when times were lean and life wasn’t easy. She was the second youngest daughter to Jack and Olive Green who homesteaded near White Fox. There they raised their five daughters, Mom’s beautiful sisters and best friends: Edna (Jim Wall), Freda Green, Shirley (Brian Lee) and Em (Bruce Backstrom) who all predeceased her. She missed them more than words can say. 


Mom met and married our dad Glen Astrope on June 29 1949. They were engaged on Valentine’s Day that same year and for 68 years since Dad brought flowers home to her on that day. None of which were as special as the beautiful bouquet of white roses he brought her this year. Together they farmed east of White Fox on a homestead given to Mom by Jack Mathews; a hired man from Grandma and Grandpa Green’s farm who watched Mom grow up. Mom and Dad’s almost 69 years together were far from easy, but Dad was the love of her life, and his was the hand she held onto until her last breath. 

Mom married into special family members on Dad’s side as well when she became daughter in law to Charles and Ethel Astrope. They also predeceased her as did their daughter Audrey, son Harvey and daughter Vi. Vi’s husband Les Domotor remains as Mom’s beloved brother in law. Mom also had a strong bond with Leta (Bill Grimshaw), as well as Chuck (Jo Astrope).


Mom had a special place in her heart for all of her nieces and nephews on both sides of the family, many of whom she was able to visit and reconnect with over the past few months, both in person and by phone. Those she wasn’t able to visit with directly she made sure to check up on through the family and on Facebook to give herself a glimpse at their lives and their beautiful families. She decided modern technology wasn’t so bad after all! 


Mom had a soul sister and special friend in Josie Seerey, who also predeceased her. Josie’s children Leroy, Betty, Cathy, and Joe share our loss as she was like a second mother to them; as well as to numerous other people over the years who came to know her as “Mom” or “Ma”. 


Mom always had room in her heart for more family and friends and one more visit. Mom’s kitchen was small but her heart was big and she always said, “I can put more potatoes in the pot.” That was a huge part of Mom’s last few months. She took great joy in planning menus for any

company that said they were coming, she would say, “girls, what’s in the freezer and what are we cooking.” Many special cookies and cakes made from recipes hand picked by mom were waiting on the cupboard to be shared with anyone who stopped by. She appreciated every visit, call, flower, gift, and word of encouragement she got. She made sure she told everyone she loved them every time she had the chance. 


Mom will forever be in the hearts of her 7 children and their spouses, as well as those of her grandchildren and great grandchildren.


Wendy and Casey Breadner, their children Brandi and Scott, Brandi’s partner Fred and Scott’s wife Heather and their son Keaton. 


Susan and Garry Herman, their children Matthew and Jonathan, Matthew’s wife Nichole and daughters Sophia and MaKenzie, Aislinn Maguire and Jonathan’s wife Stephanie and children Isabella, Oliver, and Theodore.


Russell and Wendy Astrope, their children Glenna and Krista, Glenna’s partner Greg and sons Rylan and Braden, and Krista’s husband Graham and daughters Kaylee and Shanna. 


Tim and Faye Astrope, their children Wes and Kyla, Wes's wife Sandy and children Lauren and Erich, and Kyla’s husband Gilles and children Shea and Téa.


Chris and Sandra Astrope, their children Tracy, Tammy, Trudy, and Trudy’s daughter Emily.


Kathy and Don Larson, and children Shannon, Desirae, Chris, and Kaitlyn, Shannon’s husband Tyler and children Jenae and Kaleb, Desirae’s husband Jon, and Chris’s wife Crystal and children Dax and Gemma. Also, Nathan and Derek Larson and their families.


Lisa and Stuart Blanchard, and children Destin and McKenzie. Also, Stephanie, Desiree and Tamara.


Mom taught us many things over the years, her love and kindness were always given freely. Each one of us has our own special memories of Mom which we will forever cherish. One special memory we’ll cherish is mom saying “the best I can” whenever we wished her goodnight or have a good sleep. 


Rest now, Mom. We love you.